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Thank You Letters

Customizable letter templates allow for one-click printing of ready-to-print acknowledgement letters, year-end summaries, and appeals.

Automatic Patron Levels

Define your named Patron Levels with dollar amount thresholds, and PatronDB will automatically keep track of each donor's level.

Embed Into Your Website

PatronDB's "Patron Widget" is a fast, simple way to add a realtime list of donors to your organization's website.
We also offer a REST API (ask your webmaster!)

Peace of Mind in the Cloud

HTTPS Encryption means no one else can see your data. Our servers get backed up every day. You control who sees what.

Welcome to PatronDB!

A few years ago, I built a website for the Off-Monroe Players. As part of that project, I built a few quick forms around a database. Now, that original code has been edited so many times, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything original in today's PatronDB.

Except the idea.

Make a database, put it someplace accessible, make it secure, and make it a joy to use.

In 2023, PatronDB is growing. But I'm still here for you.

Please get in touch any time I can be of assistance. And if you have an idea for a new feature, I'd love to hear about it!

Steven L Smith, Founder and CEO






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PatronDB Core Features

Tracks Individuals, Corporate Donors, and Grants
Automatically Calculates Named Patron Levels
Prints Thank You Letters
Real-time data export
Integrates with your website
Industry-Leading Security
Quarterly software updates, driven by your suggestions!

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Unlimited Patrons

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One-time professional conversion of existing data